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“My wife and I have been training with Sue and Shane for over 3 years now. We mainly train with Sue or madam lash as I prefer to call her. Our Weight loss and fitness gain has been quite remarkable. Sue and Shane are always welcoming and the sessions are always challenging but full of fun I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Tony Dunning , 60


“I Started going to Schrader fitness about 3 months ago and since then have lost over 10kgs and am feeling healthier and stronger than ever. My dad also went to Schraders about 4 years ago and Shane and Sue took him from 135kg down to 94kg in 9 months.

They have changed my life and my families for the better. I have gone from being the slowest at basketball and football to now one of the leading players my coaches can’t believe the change and how fast it’s come about. They have also changed the way I look at food and nutrition, their knowledge on health and fitness is amazing. They are great people”

Harry Stanley, 15


“My Testimonial, little did I know meeting Sue and Shane Schrader at Schrader Fitness that it would be life changing. From my initial meeting I knew I was in the right place. Their knowledge and training systems were different to what id experienced and seen in gyms over the last twenty years. I signed up let go and trusted the process. To my surprise my body loved the training methods. My shape started to change, my strength and fitness increased exponentially and for the first time ever my cellulite started disappearing. I was only training for 1 hour twice per week. I end every training session with more energy than I started.

Sue and Shane are passionate, compassionate and committed to health and well being of others, Thanks so much for changing my life Liz.

Liz Gazzola


“Hi my name is Tom Fagan I have trained with Shane for the past year and a half and he has taken me from an average guy to being a ninja warrior athlete every thing has improved,strength, stamina and flexibility ,his training is truly amazing and nutritional advice is spot on.”

Tom Fagan


“Hi my name is Allyson Mc Kinnis
I have been training with Sue and Shane at Schrader fitness for over 14 years. Their level of care and attention to my goals has been outstanding and their knowledge on health and fitness is second to none they have helped me keep my body in great shape and they do what they ask us to do thanks guys”

Allyson Mc Kinnis


“If you are serious about regaining your health and fitness or improving your athletic ability, Schrader fitness will help you to achieve your goals. When I started training with them nine years ago, my health was steadily declining due to the effects of Multiple Sclerosis .Their knowledge and desire to support me was way beyond my expectations. Training with Schrader fitness has improved my balance and strength and most importantly maintained my mobility, I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!”


“I have been training at Schrader Fitness with Shane and Sue for the past 5 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else, the level of care you get from Shane and Sue is second to none.
Their training methods get real results you can see in a very short space of time.

I have never been to a gym where you get your workout a full body stretch and a vibration massage which just leaves you feeling better than when you walked in well done guys keep up the great work I would highly recommend their services to anyone, you wont be disappointed.”

Varider Singh, 36


“Shane and Sue Have an incredible studio with unique equipment that enables me to be able to train without straining my joints but at the same time helping to increase muscle development and increase bone density, the improvements I have felt from training at Schrader Fitness have greatly improved my quality of life. Shane and Sue Show a great deal of care for all of their clients. Every session is finished with a vibration massage which leaves my body feeling totally relaxed and revitalized. I would recommend anyone who wants real results to try schrader fitness, they provide a very rare level of service .”

Mike Ratcliff, 69


“My name is Josh loveday and have been training at Schrader Fitness for 2 years and I thought I was in good shape and strength before I came then Shane showed me that with the right training and nutrition what I was really capable of. Shanes knowledge is amazing He knows what to do and when to do it and what to eat to complete the package.I would highly recommend him and his systems to any one.”

Josh loveday


“Hi my name is Kayley Watson 37 years old , I’ve been training at Schrader Fitness for two and a half years and have never been stronger or fitter and also in the best shape of my life thanks to the awesome training programs set by Sue and Shane what stands out the most is their level of expertise and care they give to their clients”

Kayley Watson


“My name is Sue Walton
I’ve been training with Shane and Sue at schrader fitness for almost 6 years. They have not only improved my strength and fitness but also given much guidance along the way with nutrition and diet. They are a fountain of knowledge in all areas of health and fitness . I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their state of health.”

Sue Walton